Bali is filled with an abundance of bright colors: the blue hues of the sky and the sea all merging into one, the pastel pinks and baby blues of sunsets as the bright sphere descends and cuts the horizon each evening, the huts and clothing that come in all the rainbow’s pigments. This is the beauty of Bali.

Bali 1Bali 2Bali 3Bali 4Bali 5Bali 6Bali 7Bali 8Bali 9Bali 10Bali 11Bali 12Bali 13Bali 14Bali 15Bali 16Bali 17Bali 18Bali 19Bali 20Bali 21Bali 22Bali 23Bali 24Bali 25Bali 26

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