Skye 7

It took me almost four years of living in Scotland to go explore the breathtaking nature on offer in this country. When we finally did go, we picked a place that was a six-hour journey from Glasgow: Isle of Skye. The time it took to travel there was most definitely worth it, if not just for the dramatic mountain scenery on the drive there. Hills rising higher and higher above you – making you feel like you were on your way toward a big, big adventure.

We traveled in two groups of fours (boys/girls) which gave us plenty of flexibility to spend time together and apart. During the days we sometimes did hikes together, and other days split up in two or three groups to do activities on our own (not everyone wanted to do a six hour hike, and not everyone wanted to go looking for fairies). The evenings we always spent together, exploring the local bar scene (King Hakkon Bar is the place to be on a Saturday night), challenging each other (and our bad-loser conduct) at Pictionary, and tasting our way through Skye’s local beers (and some not-so local beers, too). Plus, the boys surprised us with a home-cooked dinner and wine one evening – sweet sweet. This trip having taken place approximately four (!) months ago, the rest of the memories are a happy haze – of having explored the pretty treks not soaked in rain, and of having spent four days in the best company. So I’ll leave it at that – and let the photos speak for themselves as to why Skye should not be missed if ever in Scotland.

(PS. more ‘how-to’ info about Isle of Skye can be found at the end of the post)

Skye 1Skye 2Skye 3Skye 4Skye 5Skye 6Skye 8Skye 9Skye 10Skye 11Skye 12Skye 13Skye 14Skye 15Skye 16

A few details about our trip:

Traveling: we completed the trip without a car, traveling from Glasgow to Skye by bus and made use of public transportation when on the island. Public transport is a little tricky, as you might expect in a remote location like Skye. There are busses, but many of them only run a few times a day and most of them stop their service around 5pm. It’s not impossible to explore Skye this way – but make sure you plan ahead. If you have the option, travel by car – the boys did. This will give you more freedom both in terms of time and what you are able to explore on the island.

Staying: we stayed in the small town of Kyleakin, more or less the entry point to Skye. The hostel we made our home for the long weekend was suitably called Skye Backpackers. This charming little place made it worth staying a little further away from central Skye: it was adorned with a fireplace, fully equipped with a wide range of board games, and offered the option of freshly made scones every morning. Please and thank you.

Seeing: some of the big highlights included Old Man of Storr, the Quiraing and the Fairy Pools (a car is useful/necessary for the second two). If you don’t have a car there are a few organized bus tours available, but your own transport + a map is always the best way to explore!


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